Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunrise Coffee House, Las Vegas, NV

Guess who I saw at the Sunrise Coffee House? Well not really. There was a picture of the 1st Lady. She stopped in during a trip to Vegas this year. On your next visit or if you live in Vegas and haven't been yet make it a point to stop in. Friendly staff, good food and great atmosphere. I stopped in a couple of times while on a stop in Vegas. I'm not a coffee drinker but I enjoyed the coffee. On both occasions my sandwich and burrito where worth the time. Ingredients were fresh and when I say fresh I mean you can taste every item. Did I forget to mention the muffins.....need I say more? Not! The place will have you and your friends going back for more and making it a regular stop for you whether you're a traveler passing through or a native looking for a Cool Coffee House. Visit the site Click Here Map: 3130 E. Sunset Las Vegas, Nevada 89120 (between Eastern and Pecos | across from the park) EnJoY!
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