Friday, December 7, 2012

How about a Purple Smoothie!

Yes sir! In the evening or late night when looking for something out of a bag (chips/cheetos) or a package (oreos, ice cream) I now understand just how much of that processed, refined "stuff" has made its way into my kitchen. Back to that snack....don't let the purple fool you. I almost always put some spinach, kale, chard or collards in my smoothie whether GREEN, PURPLE, RED, ORANGE or otherwise. Nature offers up some unlimited original combinations that taste great and are good for you. I call it "natures medicine". Give it a shot. Share your favorite plant based smoothie.


  1. When you get home tonight, dust off that blender and make this super clean Peach Coconut Dream Smoothie via our favs over at Simple Green Smoothies. All you need is coconut water, spinach, grapes and peaches. This is a "no banana" recipe for those of you who aren't fans. A slice of summer in the winter. Love! Recipe here:

  2. Just had a simple version: banana, blackberry's, ice and little soy milk.......tasty! What's your favorite?


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