Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Changing to a Plant Based Lifestyle : sweetgreen

Changing to a Plant Based Lifestyle : sweetgreen: Oh what a way to start the day(yesterday). Last meal in Baltimore turned out to be the best! If you are ever around a sweetgreen stop i...


Oh what a way to start the day(yesterday). Last meal in Baltimore turned out to be the best!

If you are ever around a sweetgreen stop in. They have options for everyone. Friendly and helpful staff. Great food! Create your own or go with one of their cold or warm bowls. 

Go for it!  Good stuff!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fresh Like that

After a good nights sleep (6-7 hr) which happens rarely, I wanted or was graving fruit not an egg McMuffin. Ha ha   I usually just eat the fruit whole but this morning it was Smoothie Time!

Black grapes, strawberries, mango, coconut water and some crushed ice. 

Now off to the patio to enjoy the birds singing and what nature and the universe have to offer. #8lifestyle 

Finally hooked up with Craig and wouldnt you know it, I pull up to the meeting spot and he's just changed a flat. 

Airing up again. 

Thanks for the ride Craig. It was great being on the bike. Zen night here we come. 

Now for a bowl of fresh chilled pineapple. 

Have a fruitful day!  ✌🏾

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Had my wife's special "however many layer" dip for brunch.

Kicked it a bit on the patio to soak up some heat and sunshine before heading to the office. #8lifestyle

BREAKTIME! Sweet cherries. 

A little reading, officiating and night bike ride are in the holding pattern. 

Have a fruitful day. ✌🏾

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

7-4-17 Great Morning

Woke up late and was like I'm going riding anyway. Aired up, watered up, suited up and hit the road. All praise. Cycling is therapy for me. When I miss my appointments I don't feel so well.

7 miles into the ride I saw black smoke. Got as close as I could a found out an RV went up in smoke. 

Next stop Lehi. Nice quite community, shades streets and a historic site. 

Mesa Botanical Garden. Can't tell you how many time I've driven and disengage by this spot. Today wasn't going to be one of those days. Kool place check it out. 

So now I'm cruising along and start smelling smoke. Not like the RF fire earlier. This Mexican joint is at it early and popping. 

60 Weat on Horne. Not much traffic. I wonder why. 

Two hundred yard later....Yep a corn field. 

I'm on the home stretch now and I hear a train. Brought back memories. We literally had a train track run in front of our house at the end of the sidewalk. We had a Collie (Tina Marie) that use to run on the tracks in front of the train and knew when it was time to get out of the way. 

Turned out to be a nice break. Making the most of the moment. 

About a half mile from home and no knee pain I'm feeling pretty good about now. 

Could wait to get home to have some mango and cherries that had been on chill mode. 

Folks have a fruitful day and enjoy one another. ✌🏾

#stopthehate #onelove #rideon #bikelife #8lifestyle

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fruit bowl of the day.......

So I see a fruit bowl post and wonder who?  My Cuz.  You made my day! She is doing the most right now.  I have to say over the past couple of days she has been eating more fruit than me.  I need to go to the store now.


Please go out and have a fruitful day.  Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. 

Lunch was a fusion of the east and carribean. This was off the vharts. 

Walmart. Yes Walmart. I haven't bought fruit there in a while. Just happen to be there and:
3 pineapples
7 mangos 
4 lbs cherries 
1 watermelon
1 cantaloupe 
1 sm box fig cookies
$13 (approx 8 meals) I keep trying to tell folks it doesn't have to be expensive to live plant based. 

Leave a comment about your healthy choice for the day here.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Catch 22

Let's make it short and sweet. Past 24 hrs have been great.

Yesterday: completed my to do list, cleaned my bike, skimmed the pool, cut the grass, watered the plants, worked out and took a midnight swim. 

Now for today so far:
Up at 4, bowed to the most high, went on a 22.22 mi bike ride, had a falafel sandwich on the patio and currently getting ready to deliver some clothes I can no longer wear. 

Now I need to handle some home business details. You can catch me at 3pm Starbucks 2for1 espressos from 2-5

Have Fruitful day. ✌🏾#8lifestyle