Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sedona by Bike

I decided a while back that I wanted to take the bike to Sedona the next time we traveled there. Thought about a bit and decided what the heck.  Only there for a few days and two of them, I was going to get up early, enjoy the kool mornings and beautiful creations.  So I'll let the slideshows do the rest. I had a great time and plan on taking the bike on my next trip to a city near you.

Sedona Day 1 on the Bike

Sedona Day 2 on the Bike

I hope you enjoyed the slideshow as much as I enjoyed the ride and being able to capture some of natures beauty in Sedona while cycling.   Peace. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

A Kool Desert Breeze This Morning. Yes!

It stormed last night which meant cooler mornings. As jumped on the Green Machine I noticed a crispness in the air. It was Kool and had no problem with that.

The Friday Crew showed up at Circle K and did what we do.  Have some fun. Yep. We are headed to the Zoo. Not really but we do ride by the entrance.  Maybe next time I take pic.


A rest stop was in order after a short climb.


Oh yeah. Flats do happen and the Good Dr. had to deal with it today will we watched. 


Well, a kool adventurous recreational ride with overcast desert skies was all good. #rideon #bikelife 
#tblmtpr Come join us!

Now, of course, it does not stop there. I had one pack of tofu left and needed for it to go bye bye so another version of the scramble hit the table today with toast and honey on the side.

Have a great Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!   Peace

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fun Week. Cleaned the Bike. Tofu Scramble

Yep, it was a great start to the week, got in some great rides, had a lot of fun and enjoyed the early morning sunrises with some really kool folks.

I took a few days off the bike to just chill, clean the bike and revisit a tofu scramble with a cup of java as I enjoy the desert morning.

Finally found a way to make some passive income without being in the NFL[no friends left]...a month later and things are looking good.


Have a wonderful day! 


Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Over the past week, the National Urban League held their annual conference, this year uniquely titled, “Save Our Cities, Powering the Digital Revolution.” There were lots of conversations taking place including, “Driving an Inclusive Economic Strategy” to “Black Women United: Learning Where the Real Power Lies.” The panel that I sat on was “Social Hustle: How to Leverage Technology for Professional Development.”
In case you missed it, here are some questions you should ask yourself in order to make the most of your social media presence:
When thinking about your online profile professionally, think about it holistically. What does your entire social media presence represent? If I view your profile across the board on Twitter, FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram am I going to get the same feel for who you are or will you exude something totally different on each platform?
Are you being consistent across all platforms? If you post a theme on Monday, have you committed to posting that theme every Monday or do you get sidetracked and post it on Monday this week and Wednesday the next week because it totally slipped your mind? When building an audience your viewers want to see consistency.
Social media gives us an opportunity to showcase the different facets of who we are; developing a narrative that is consistent with how you want to articulate who you are is really important,” said Lisa Mesa, Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn. “It’s important to be intentional.”
COLUMBUS, OH AUGUST 03, 2018- Friday Forum: Social Hustle: Leveraging Technology for Professional Development during the National Urban League Conference, August 03, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Mikki K. Harris)
COLUMBUS, OH AUGUST 03, 2018- Friday Forum: Social Hustle: Leveraging Technology for Professional Development during the National Urban League Conference, August 03, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Mikki K. Harris)

“My typical formula is: an inspirational post in the morning, 2ish life captures during the day, and a quirky dating after-35 sucks post at night lol,” said Suezette Yasmin Robotham, M.S. who leads D&I for Google Search. 
Lastly, when you are posting to various platforms make sure that you are clear how each platform serves you. If you are a writer, Twitter may be a better fit, if your professional career is extremely visual, Instagram may work wonders, if you are a marketer or career coach, it may be best to hang out more on LinkedIn. Figure out what platform suits you best and put the majority of your focus there. Not all social media platforms are created equal.
The panel was moderated by Public Relations Professional, Amanda Littlejohn, and included Senior Director of Human Resources and Professional Development, for the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, Jamar Ward; Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager for Google Search, Suezette Yasmin Robotham, M.S.; and Enterprise Relationship Manager for LinkedIn, Lisa Mesa.


LaForce Baker is the founder and executive chef at Moon Meals Inc., a company providing plant-based meals including vegan meats, cheeses, and sauces to major retailers and foodservice operators. When Black Enterprise interviewed Baker in 2014, he discussed his vision to expand to other markets, to make healthy, tasty options accessible to other time-starved, urban professionals. Four years later, his vision for Moon Meals has come to life. Thanks to the Fiesta Wrap, the company’s new vegan grab-and-go concept, the bootstrapped entrepreneur who overcame poverty is launching in all 187 Jewel supermarket locations in the Midwest.

The Fiesta Wrap includes Moon Meals vegan taco meat, vegan nacho cheese sauce, organic cooked black beans, organic cooked short grain rice, organic cooked sweet corn kernels and chopped jalapeno peppers, all contained in a spinach wrap.
We caught up with Baker to get some insight into how he positioned his brand and the most valuable lessons he’s learned since starting his company.
We interviewed you in 2014. Since then, what are the top three lessons you learned in business that have helped you launch in 187 stores?
I have learned to go with what performs instead of what just feels good. I also learned that becoming a larger company means that you have to give up some control because you need to partner to reach more people. Lastly, I learned that no one else will believe in you until you believe in yourself.
Why do you believe the plant-based grab-and-go concept is so important right now? 
We believe most Americans don’t consume enough veggies on a regular basis. Plus they are looking for a better protein. Our products allow them to get in both in a tasty, convenient and affordable way. Lastly, a lot of consumers love nacho cheese, but cannot handle the dairy, therefore our proprietary vegan nacho cheese sauce in the Fiesta Wrap gives them a viable alternative.
When it comes to getting your Fiesta Wraps into stores across the country, why do you believe buyers took a chance on your brand? 
Our product typically has had a 20% higher “sell-through rate” than any other product that it sits next to. Additionally, our product capitalizes on the trend of customers looking to consume less meat while still getting the protein that they desire. Buyers want products that have been proven to sell and are “on trend” with consumer demand which is what our product achieves.
A challenge for most entrepreneurs is figuring out how to fund and maintain their startup. In your experience, what’s the biggest mistake a bootstrapped company can make? 
I think the biggest mistake is not getting a business mentor early on, even it’s the local coffee shop owner that you see every day. It’s easy to overpay for services when you don’t know any better about how much they should cost. We overpaid and underpaid over the years from not talking to people that had been where we were going. Also, people should not quit their day jobs until they are making enough reoccurring income to cover their personal expenses and the business. I had to go nearly homeless three times to cover our operating expenses, which would not have been the case if I kept my daytime job longer to cover my personal expenses.


Friday, August 3, 2018

Friday Morning Fun

Sometimes you just have to have some fun. That's what we do 3-4 mornings a week with Major Taylor Phoenix Riders. A few of us got together this morning for 20 and it was a very relaxing recreational ride with a few pr's.

Just getting started. Sunrise.  This is what we do.

Just cruising along. Have a good time enjoying the morning and the company of friends.  

Coach Ray is always out here working his cross country team. He get's it in. We're waiting for him to join us one day. He's a cyclist as well. We'll hold a spot open for you Ray.

Stop Lights will get you almost everytime. 

Operator error.

Quick pic after the ride.

Post ride meal and this has become one of my favorites.  Watermelon, frozen cherries, and a banana. Man, you talking good.  Try it and let me how you feel about it. 

Have a wonderful weekend folks.  Peace

Wednesday, August 1, 2018



This Woman is Helping 50,000 Sisters Travel Solo, Affordably

“As women, we need to give ourselves some time. We need to recoup. We must learn who we are, and traveling solo can help us do that,” says Coleitha Banks, the founder of Sisters Traveling Solo. This purpose-driven woman created a 7,000-member Facebook Group community and turned it into 50,000 members in a year.  Sisters Traveling Solo is a company created to help women of color travel solo.

travel solo

By offering unique payment plans, travel planning services for your entire trip, and amazing vacations to places like Peru, Bali, Paris, and more, Sisters Traveling Solo is creating a strong support system that allows women to experience the world in a cost-effective way.
Six years ago, Banks needed a break. She yearned for mental clarity and felt that taking her first solo vacation could help provide the peace of mind she wanted. Banks was determined to take her first solo trip to the 2012 Olympics, and she refused to let the lack of money stop her. With this passion in her heart, she developed a financial plan, took her first solo trip, and had a life-changing experience. Now, even with a corporate job, 90% of all of her trips have been solo, and she has traveled to over 21 different countries.
Currently, Sisters Traveling Solo offers nine trips around the world. “We help make women financially prioritize their travel, and we create an entire experience that is life-changing,“ says Banks. Traveling solo can be inexpensive and the Sisters Traveling Solo Facebook Group helps remove that concern. Here are five ways Banks helps her group members find mental peace through travel in the most cost-effective way:
travel solo
Sacrifice Going Out.
Sometimes it is tempting to go out and spend money, especially, if it’s available. However, that disposable income can be used for your vacation. Take the money that you would use during happy hour and set it aside for your vacation. Instead of going out three times a week, save the cash you would have spent, and put it toward your next trip. Sacrifice temporarily, to help ensure that you are living the life of your dreams.
Travel on Deals.
There is no need to spend full price on trips when there are websites like The Flight Deal and Secret Flying. On a daily basis, search for their flight deals, and select the destination of your choice.
Make a Down Payment on Your Lodging.  Never Pay the Full Price Upfront.
If money is a concern for you when planning your travel, make sure that you use websites like Booking.com so that you do not have to pay for your hotel in full, up front. Booking.com does not require all the money at once, but instead a deposit. This will allow you more time to save for your vacation, and still have the dates secured.
travel solo
Set a Personal Goal, and Make Your Vacation a Priority.
None of this will work if you are not serious. No more complaining. No more getting frustrated. Make a decision and eliminate all other options. Open a separate online savings account with Goldman Sachs, Capital One 360, or Ally Bank, and start setting aside money each month. Stick with it, and make this trip a priority in your life.
Be Flexible.
Be open to departing from other cities outside of your own. By flying from different destinations your flight can be a lot cheaper.