Monday, December 19, 2016

21 Day Fruit Feast Has Ended

I made it 10 days. Not at all disappointed. This was my second attempt to complete a 30 and 21 Day Feast. On the 21st Day of the recent Feast I attended an informational by a heart doctor regarding heart disease and prevention. Guess what what what the Dr emphasized? "FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE YOUR FRIENDS". Kick the red meat to the curb and if you want or enjoy meat eat it in MODERATION and exercise 30 minutes a day and sweat. 

Do your heart and body a favor and make fruit and or vegetables 50-75% of your meal intake (preferably raw/living). If that's to tough try one meal a day and work from there. 

For breakfast today I'm starting with a smoothie that has mandarins, apple, blackberries, lemon and water. 

What a kool and healthy way to introduce and enjoy fruits and veggies. Enjoy. 

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