Tuesday, July 4, 2017

7-4-17 Great Morning

Woke up late and was like I'm going riding anyway. Aired up, watered up, suited up and hit the road. All praise. Cycling is therapy for me. When I miss my appointments I don't feel so well.

7 miles into the ride I saw black smoke. Got as close as I could a found out an RV went up in smoke. 

Next stop Lehi. Nice quite community, shades streets and a historic site. 

Mesa Botanical Garden. Can't tell you how many time I've driven and disengage by this spot. Today wasn't going to be one of those days. Kool place check it out. 

So now I'm cruising along and start smelling smoke. Not like the RF fire earlier. This Mexican joint is at it early and popping. 

60 Weat on Horne. Not much traffic. I wonder why. 

Two hundred yard later....Yep a corn field. 

I'm on the home stretch now and I hear a train. Brought back memories. We literally had a train track run in front of our house at the end of the sidewalk. We had a Collie (Tina Marie) that use to run on the tracks in front of the train and knew when it was time to get out of the way. 

Turned out to be a nice break. Making the most of the moment. 

About a half mile from home and no knee pain I'm feeling pretty good about now. 

Could wait to get home to have some mango and cherries that had been on chill mode. 

Folks have a fruitful day and enjoy one another. ✌🏾

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