Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A flat 1 mile from home.

No stress. Flats happen. We just don't want them happening to us. The good thing is it was at the end of a great ride with Nate. Anyway I was feeling good because I ate and drank well before the ride and had some sleep.

Folks had been telling me about co2 vs the pump.  Well co2 will be kept in the saddlebag for sure. 

No pop or bang I just noticed I was feeling to much in touch with the road. Pulled over sat outside Safeway and went to work. Now it's time to stock up on some tires. I usually carry one tube. I'm bumbing that to two. 

Now after the flat was fixed I thought about putting in a few more mile. Not! Murphy's Law has a way of show up anytime and anywhere. Another flat and no spare would not be good. 

All and all it was and is a wonderful day. Get your #RideOn #BikeLife #Peace

Until next time enjoy what life has to offer. Peace 
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