Monday, June 8, 2015

Vegan Hydration Options When Cycling......

Thanks goes out to Big Vedge! I'm looking for more creative ways to stay hydrated and energized and thought I would follow up with a vegan triathlete for a tip of two. He came through and I will be trying these this week.  If you have others ideas please share them with us.  Thank.

1. "Coconut Water With Himalayan Pink Salt" not super salty about 1/2 of tea spoon for 25oz. This one is used to prevent cramping and hydration (potassium, sodium chloride, polyhalite, carbs) all natural!)

2. "Cup of raisin and coconut water" this is almost like energy drink let them soak in the bottle (refrigerator) for about 2 day prior to use after liquid is done eat the raisins!
Food - I do Clif bars for ease of use but also do apple sauce, dates, raisins with mixed nuts.

"Big Vedge"

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