Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Power Blocks!

Haven't seen you in some time. Power Blocks and I got reacquainted today and we have agreed to meet up at least 3 times a week. Part of R.A.V.E. is Exercise! Happy New Year! Join the blog in 2013 and let's continue sharing this plant based lifestyle.


  1. Tomorrow will be day 7 and I have an appointment with the power blocks. Next will be introducing some walking, jumping, bike riding, etc to the lifestyle. After all E as in exercise is part of R.A.V.E. Let's do this.......

  2. Yesterday was a good day. Able to rise at 5 and relate to the power blocks.....need to keep working on the E in RAVE. Exercise! This week I'm going for a bike ride or walk around the block. How about you?

  3. Any day and any time is good for me. Time for a work out with the power blocks..... Did some yoga this morning. Maybe some calisthenics tomorrow. What's on your agenda?


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