Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Root Veggie Chowder with Collard Ribbons S e r v e s 6 Loads of root vegetables make this rainbow-colored chowder particularly satisfying. A final flourish from an orange-balsamic mix rounds out the flavor profile.

You need a hearty meal after a long day and this one from Vegetarian Times its the spot or as some would stay, "sticks to the ribs". No junk food today and drank more water. This recipe had me in a hands on activity. Kinda cool preparing your own food and being in touch with the plants....sure you can alway open a box and add water or open a can of what ever and heat it up but that is far form nature and far from food in it's original state as in not processed. Tomorrow I thing I will try to go raw for one or two meals. Stay tuned and join the blog so you can share your journey with more plant based eating. Peace
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