Tuesday, June 27, 2017

30 Day Fruit Feast

I didn't complete the 30 day fruit feast.

I've yet to do so.  I completed 18 days.  What has happened is that a number of people that joined me for a day of fruit eating are now trying to eat healthier.  It's a journey.

Ramadan was right after the fruit feast.  So after 30 days of Ramadan I am now trying to refocus on the fitness component. My knee are not being to nice to me, detached bicep.....let's just say I'm getting older but not giving in.

The online business is moving right along.  I'm still trying to simplify my life and surroundings. That can be tough when you've collected and saved so much "stuff" over the years.

Today I'll clean my bike and get it ready for some riding which is therapy for me.

Stay tuned and please share your journey as it relates to your plant based life style.

#peace #8lifestyle #thepeacevegetarian (my cuzo Vera tagged that)

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