Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dude, where do you get your protein?

Protein is the most revered nutrient of all and has driven our food choices for over a hundred years. But what if (almost) everything you thought you knew about protein was wrong? A 30 minute film that's not only fun to watch, but informative and puts to rest some of the most important myths about protein. If you know someone who justifies their eating habits using the "protein" argument, show them this! Preview DVD also check out what's in the DVD by clicking HERE

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  1. Today was a beautiful Day. Stopped by the famers market and ran in to "Pully Douglas" and true friend. He was walking home from work and mentioned that the first 3 day were a little tough but after that he started having some pep in his step. Then he commented on seeing me putting bread, veggies and fruit in my bag and wanted to know where is the protein was......well, you know me.....I opened the bags and commented that everything in this bag is protein.....we exchange a little info and he walked on with a little pep in his step and a little more knowledge about this plant based lifestyle......


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